Monday, April 21, 2008

friends fone from the fleche

A month after the end of our fleche, I've stumbled across some phone messages some friends left for us mid-ride. Calls from our buddies Mike D, Jerry and Byron from Team NC/DC failed to ring through for several reasons:

  1. few cell towers along our route in hilly, rural Virginia
  2. I killed my phone's battery pretty early by using it as a camera
  3. and finally, I lost said cell phone in a Sheetz parking lot on the way home.
Highlights of the messages include an obviously tired Jerry calling from Delco, NC to check on us, and Mike and Byron phoning after their succesful finish.

I wish my phone would have worked and we could have heard their messages of support. In any case, a belated "Thanks!" to our friends who, in the middle of their own fleche attempt, were thinking of us as we fought through ours.

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